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Site Owners: Make Money By Reviewing The Guest Post Pitches You Receive!

Step 1: If you have a site related to fitness/health, you list it on Pitch Your Guest Post, display your guest blogging guidelines, and set your review price*.

Step 2: Guest bloggers pay your review price and send you their pitch.

Step 3: You either accept a submission and publish it on your site, or you provide short feedback about why you rejected it. Either way, you keep the money.

Guest Bloggers: Get Published OR Get Feedback About Your Pitch!

Step 1: If you'd like to guest post on fitness/health related blogs, you browse the sites listed on Pitch Your Guest Post. 

Step 2: If you find a site that you want to get published on, you pay its review price*, and make a pitch by following its guest posting guidelines.

Step 3: The site either accepts your submission and publishes your post, or rejects it and provides feedback about why your post was rejected. Either way, you're not ignored!

* The review price is basically how much a site/blog charges to review a guest post pitch.

Important! Paying the review price does NOT guarantee guest post acceptance. Accepting or rejecting guest post pitches is at the sole discretion of the site owner / blogger. However, site owners / bloggers do have a limited time (usually 48 hours unless otherwise specified) to respond to pitches, and they do have to provide feedback if they reject a submission.

Watch a quick demo about how the process works:

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The Current State Of Guest Blogging Is A LOSE-LOSE Situation

Do you know how the inbox of a popular blogger looks like? Well, meet Steve, who runs a popular blog in the fitness niche. His inbox looks something like this...

How the inbox of a successful site owner looks all the time...

Yep, almost 1,000 unread emails... most of which are guest post pitches... most of which are terrible.

You can imagine how frustrating and time consuming it is to go through all these guest post pitches and review them one by one... only to find 1 or 2 worthwhile submissions in a hundred.

You can also imagine how frustrating it is to craft the perfect guest post and send it in high hopes... only to wait weeks or months until you hear back from the site owner... IF you're lucky enough to hear back at all.

The problem is: everyone loses!

Site owners and bloggers lose, because even if they spend a ton of time (that they could be spending elsewhere!) they can't possibly go through all submissions, so not only do they waste a lot of time, they also miss high quality content opportunities.

Guest bloggers lose, because no matter how much they work on a guest post, they can't possibly "shout loud enough" to cut through the noise and get on the radar of the site owner. Their pitches are usually just ignored or they have to wait months to get a response.

The problem is: there's no quick and easy way to filter high quality submissions from low quality ones... - not without at least!

How Adding A Review Price Solves The Problem

Remember Steve with the full inbox above? Well, he realized that the solution is simple: charge a nominal review fee for every guest post pitch. This has several benefits:

  • It filters out the spammers. 80% or more of all the guest post pitches a popular blog receives are total garbage. By charging a small fee (i.e.: $3) the number of these submissions will decrease drastically.
  • It saves a TON of time. Site owners / bloggers will only have to review guest post pitches that paid the review price. That means a HUGE number of low quality pitches won't even make it, leaving more time for high quality submissions, and for doing other things (like maybe enjoying life).
  • It motivates guest bloggers to do their best. Sure,  the review price might not be high, but nobody likes to throw money out the window. If there're a few dollars on the line, people will make sure to double check everything and follow the guest posting guidelines closely to improve their chances of getting their post accepted.
  • Providing feedback increases content quality. Even if a site owner / blogger rejects a post, they provide feedback about why they couldn't accept it, how the guest blogger could improve the content etc... While this type of feedback is invaluable coming from a popular blogger, the problem is that dispensing free advice all day long is not very rewarding for most site owners / bloggers... that's why the review price is there to reimburse their time (or at least some of it).

What People Are Saying About Pitch Your Guest Post

“The number of guest post pitches I receive drastically reduced, while the quality of submissions I receive drastically improved!"

"I've always had a problem wading through the guest post requests that flood my inbox. Since I'd always had more important things to do, I usually just ignored these pitches. However, since using Pitch Your Guest Post, I receive waaay fewer guest post requests, but those requests are much higher quality. It's a double win (triple win if you count the extra money I earn)!"


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