9 Expert Tips To Get Your Guest Posts Accepted

Guest posting has long been a viable strategy for growing your blog or online business.

In this article, you'll learn 9 helpful, actionable tips to ensure your guest posts are accepted. Among other things, you'll learn:

  • how the "lede" can make or break your guest posting success
  • how to write a compelling introduction that pulls your readers in
  • how to go above and beyond to get your guest post accepted
  • how to secure tonnes of guest posting spots
  • and more! 

So let's dive in.

#1. Research your target website

Find out everything you can about your prospective guest blog.

This includes;

  • Understand their target audience
  • What content would likely resonate with their audience
  • Understand the blog's tone and style of blogging.

It's important to write in a tone that's familiar to the blog's audience. Also, you'll do well to research other guest posts on the website and find out how to replicate successful guest posts.

#2. Follow guest posting guidelines 

Most bloggers or editors put out guidelines to make the guest blogging process easy and straightforward. The fastest way to get your guest post accepted is by strictly following the blog's guest posting guidelines.

You can always send a message to the blog owner to clarify the guest posting bits you don't understand. Nevertheless, it helps to follow the guest posting guidelines to the "T" if you want your post to be accepted.

#3. Write killer blog content.

Even though your post should be entirely focused on the audience, you should aim to impress the blog owner or editor. Your guest post should be useful, unique, and engaging. Craft a blog post that can hardly be replicated on the web.

Fresh content stands out. A fresh perspective helps improve the blog's click-through rate and also helps you win admirers.

More than this, you should look to provide actionable, step-by-step guides in your content. Make your guest content stand out by providing new, unique, and practical tips.

#4. Make your guest post easy to read

There's no value in crafting the best guest post if people don't read it. Get more readers to read your post by making it easy to skim. With an ever-increasing attention deficit, it's important to make your post easily digestible.

Make your post visually appealing to readers; arrange the content into sections, use headings and subheadings to break up the content. Be sure to provide plenty of white spaces, use numbering and bullet lists. Write short sentences and paragraphs. And use simple words to appeal to a wider audience.

#5. Add graphics and images to your guest post

Adding graphics and images increases the visual appeal of the post. Content marketing and blogging data consistently show that videos, graphics, and images help boost blog content engagement.

Adding meaningful videos, images, graphics, infographics, slides, or GiFs to your content to boost its visual appeal can give you a huge leg up and increase your chances of getting accepted.

#6. Identify a conversational topic

Many guest bloggers make the mistake of choosing to create content on topics no one cares about. Carrying out extensive research is crucial for your guest blogging efforts. Apart from researching the best keywords for your post, compile a list of topics your target audience cares about.

For example, if you are a beginner at guest posting, you'll likely want to know expert tips for guest posting. And since bloggers are divided on the usefulness of guest posts, this blog post adds to the ongoing conversation.

Once you find a topic that suits the blog audience, find supporting arguments with compelling proof to make your post fresh and outstanding.

#7. Start with a compelling "lede"

A lede or introduction in blog content is the first sentence. It is designed to get visitors to read the next sentence of your post. You probably already know this.

A compelling short introduction is crucial when crafting a guest post. Since you are looking to make an impression, your lede must be inviting and grab visitors' attention - nudging them further down the rabbit hole.

Here are some introduction writing tips:

  • Don't waste people's time, be sure to state what people can gain by reading the article within the first two sentences.
  • Don't start the intro with "BS common-knowledge." For example: "losing weight is difficult, and it's easy to get confused in the many different diets." This is obvious. Instead, start with "In this post, you'll learn how to use the XYZ strategy to lose weight from even your most problematic areas, without starving!." It's important to respect your readers' time and get straight to the benefits of reading your post.
  •  Promise your reader they'll get what they are looking for by reading your post to the end. By clearly stating the benefit of reading the article, your readers have an incentive to keep reading your post.
  • Be creative - write something unexpected that grabs readers' attention.

#8. Go above and beyond to provide value

Create internal links and recommend other blog posts from the website;

include stats, research data, and relevant links to provide as much value as you can to the blog readers.

Make sure your guest post goes with the general theme of the blog. Be sure to optimize your post for SEO, use focus keywords and cleverly add internal links to the blogger's content - past articles and blog posts. This shows you are an avid blog reader. And you are familiar with the type of content they publish.

#9. Carry out multiple edits on Your guest post 

Perhaps, the most obvious. Your writing needs to be top-notch. Remember, you are not writing for your audience, you're writing for a different blogger's audience - you need to double your effort to please.

This means scrutinizing your work to make sure it shines. Before submitting your post, check for grammar and spelling issues. Edit and rewrite sentences to make your post easy and fun to read.


Guest posting is a fantastic way to build authority in your industry and also drive traffic to your website. But you must do it the right way to win.

By following these expert tips, you can set yourself up for guest posting success:

  • Research your guess hosting website
  • Follow the guest posting outlines
  • Write killer blog content
  • Make your post easy to read
  • Add graphics and images to your guest post
  • Identify a conversational topic
  • Start with a compelling, short introduction or lede
  • Be helpful; go above and beyond
  • Carry out multiple edits on our guest post

Finally, keep your audience the main focus of your post. When your post solves a genuine need of your audience, your post becomes valuable and increase the chances of getting your guest post accepted.