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No More Ignored Guest Post Pitches!

Hello, I'm Steve Fabian, founder of, which is a successful blog in the fitness niche. As the owner of a popular blog, I've always been bombarded with guest post pitches.

I dreamed up when the time and frustration required to handle the hundreds of guest post pitches just became too much.

Just to put things into perspective, here's a recent screenshot of my inbox:

Hi, I'm Steve

How my inbox looks all the time... Hundreds of unread guest post pitches!

Almost a thousand unread emails, most of which are guest post requests...

The worst part is: most of these guest post pitches are worthless!

If you receive guest post requests I'm sure you know that most of them are total garbage. Most people don't even take the time to find out your name and they don't even know what your site is about. 

Even if you have clear guest posting guidelines, you still have to filter though dozens of guest post pitches to find a real gem. You can easily waste hours reviewing shitty submissions, only to find one post that you'll be happy to publish on your blog.

It's a lose-lose scenario:

  • The site owner loses a ton of time to find a "needle in the haystack" (i.e.: a quality guest post submission).
  • The high quality guest blogger loses, because s/he has to wait weeks or even months to receive a response... IF s/he ever receives a response.

How charging a nominal "review fee" solved my problem and created a WIN-WIN situation!

I realized that by charging a nominal submission fee, site owners can filter out the serious guest bloggers from the spammers. After all, if people don't believe in their content enough to "risk" a few bucks, then why should you believe in them enough to spend your time reviewing them?

So charging a small review fee creates a WIN-WIN situation:

  • It reimburses site owners for all the time they spend reviewing submissions, and it rewards them with high quality content.
  • It helps guest bloggers quickly land their posts on popular sites/blogs to reach new audiences and build new relationships... all without having to wait months in suspense.

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So anyway, that's my story. Ever since I started implementing this strategy, the time I spend reviewing guest post pitches has decreased exponentially... while the quality of guest post pitches that I actually review has increased exponentially!

So whether you're a blogger who wants to pitch their guest posts to popular sites & blogs, or a site owner who wants to regain their sanity, escape hundreds of low quality pitches and make some money at the same time...