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You can read the guest posting guidelines of Man Vs Weight below. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you can improve your chances of getting your guest post accepted.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • No duplicate content, I'll check with CopyScape.
  • The topic of the post must be related to fitness/health in some way.
  • Please write at least 900 words.
  • I can't link to low quality or shady sites (sites about gambling, adult, e cigarettes, vaping, marijuana, steroids, drugs, etc... or broken pages, terrible design etc...). You can only link to decent websites.
  • I can't link to sites that are mainly "made for AdSense" or "made for Amazon" type sites, where the homepage is full of "Best X for Y" and other types of review posts.
  • No grammar mistakes all over the place.
  • Must have a logical structure with headlines and sub-headlines (I can't accept posts that are just a long wall of rambling text without any concrete information and direction).

I've published plenty of guest posts in the past, here are a few examples (if you can deliver this kind of quality, I don't see why I wouldn't accept your post):


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