Getting Started

Let's see how much faster and easier it is to land guest posting opportunities through than through the regular approach. 

Step 1 - Browse Websites That Accept Pitches

To pitch your guest post to a blog, first click “Browse Websites” in the top menu, to find all the sites that accept guest post pitches.

Step 2 - Pick A Site Where You Want To Get Published On

Once you find a site that you’d like to get published on, click on it.

You’ll be taken to a page where you can see a bit more information about the site (like its URL, monthly traffic and review price) and you can also read their guest posting guidelines.

Step 3 - Read The Guest Posting Guidelines Of The Site

It's highly recommended that you read their guidelines carefully, because that way you can find out what kind of topics they’d like to see guest posts about, and what kind of editorial guidelines they have.

This will help you maximize your chances of getting your guest post pitch accepted.

Step 4 - Write And Submit Your Guest Post Pitch

Once you’ve written your guest post, upload it somewhere online so that you can privately share it with the site owner (like Google Docs).

The last step is to paste the URL to your guest post and click submit! 

As soon as you click the submit button, a new private messaging channel will open up between you and the site owner. You can see this messaging channel if you visit “My Pitches” from the top menu. 

And that’s it. You’ll hear back from the site owner in a limited time, guaranteed. No more ignored guest post pitches!

Step 5 - Rinse And Repeat

Want to get published on more blogs? Easy... just rinse and repeat!

How To Buy Credits

You need to have credits in your account to submit your pitches. To buy credits, just click “Purchase Credits” from the top menu.

You can always check your current credit balance and credit transaction history by clicking “Balance and History” from the top menu.

And if you ever have any questions about using the site, just contact our support!

Good luck, and happy guest posting!