How To Create EPIC Content To Ensure Guest Posting Success

It is likely that at this point, you are planning the creation of your new blog, or you may even already have your own website. But no matter how hard you try, you cannot catch or get more visitors... In both cases, you must be asking yourself what you can do to make your website stand out from the ocean of information that exists on the internet.

Invest in advertising? Change the website design? Hire a marketing guru? ... The list of options can be long, but one, in particular, should be the priority: Epic content. Creating high-quality content is possibly the most powerful tool any website has to attract and keep more active visitors every day.

When you actually write high-quality blog content, which adds value to your so much important users, and it happens to also be original, you really can increase the traffic that enters your blog. This content will improve your web page's positioning and visibility, as it will also definitely help you getting a lot more loyal followers and customers. And if this content goes viral, your website will simply become extremely popular in no time.

You are surely wondering, "what epic content is, why is it important, and how can I create it?" Fortunately, now you are in the right place because we will teach you precisely all that you need in order to create, step by step, the best content for your blog. So let's start!

What is epic content?

Imagine that you are a food fanatic, a foodie (I think they are called that). You love to eat hamburgers, every weekend you go to one restaurant or another trying the hamburgers of each place, in the end, you realize that all the burgers are exactly the same in most places, a piece of meat, a slice of cheese, tomato, lettuce, and the sauce.

However, one day, suddenly, you find a place where they put the hamburger on a special bread, crunchy bacon, pickles, beef, a fried egg, special house sauce, and some potatoes with delicious pepper.

Do you know what that is? An epic burger.

Have you ever read a post and fallen in love with every word you read? Content so good that it has left you feeling that you learned something important and thinking about it during a long time? A post that made you feel the need to share it with everyone you know quickly? Well, that content was definitely epic.

This type of content usually shares precious information with users. After reading it, they will feel the need to share it, save it among their favorite articles, or even link it to other content. All these actions are of great benefit to the blog's ranking in search engines.

Among the characteristics and advantages of this type of content, these are the most important ones:

  • It makes you feel like you are talking to a friend; that is, it is not formal and stiff.
  • It adds value or solutions to your life, making it useful content.
  • It makes you feel like it was written directly for your own consumption.
  • They do not skimp on giving quality explanations on every single crucial point.
  • It motivates you to keep reading it because of the large amount of content that it condenses in one place.
  • It is visually attractive. It does not have large text blocks but uses titles, subtitles, images, lists, and bold, among others, to facilitate reading.
  • The introduction is so powerful that you can't help but keep reading. It makes everything you are going to learn from the article clear from moment one.
  • The writing style is fluid, which keeps you interested in the content until the end.
  • For the most part, they include real data extracted from reliable sources to add more value to the content.

As you can see, high-quality or epic content has a host of benefits for your blog. These benefits include attracting more traffic, maintaining visitor interest, building a stronger community, and becoming a reference for other bloggers.

Without forgetting that your website will be more visible with this type of content for online search engines, and this is your final goal:

Become the white whale that leaps epically over the ocean of trillions and trillions of websites and content created every day, surprising all of the people that happen to be sailing on a cruise, and whose lives will never be the same after this encounter.

How can you create epic content?

For a post to impress your readers, you have several options.

  1. Invent a very fat hoax (Do you remember when it went viral that 5G technology was responsible for the coronavirus?)
  2. Make a fool of yourself with obviously stupid and nonsensical claims (Yep, that's shared).
  3. Create a post with content so good that they think, "How could they have altruistically posted this?"

We keep the third, right?

The idea is that the post you create for your blog is so good and share such valuable information that their initial reaction is, "Wow! I have to share this!" Creating an epic post is a great gateway to the public, so you can get high-quality traffic.

To create epic content, just like to make an epic burger, you must have high-quality ingredients and follow the right steps for its creation.

1) Write directly for your readers, not for search engines

A big mistake that many bloggers make is that they create content that is search engine friendly but completely ignores the reader's needs and interests. While doing this can help, it won't be as effective in effectively ranking you over time as creating content directly for your users.

Suppose you have already identified your niche, and you know what your target audience is looking for. In that case, it is time to write to them in a way that they can understand it. For example, suppose you visit a website about cars. In that case, you are more likely to read an article that explains the details of the new Ferrari design as if it were your car's nerd best friend than one that only talks about technical details as if you were an automotive engineer.

And this happens with all content, although it is essential in some cases that there is a certain formality (depending on the type of audience the content is aimed at). This does not mean that the content should be heavy, or feel too far away for the reader. Clarity, friendliness, and simplicity will always be your best allies when creating content.

In summary, do not get too complicated trying to add a certain number of keywords in the text even if this affects readability or headings where they are not necessary. Write like a human for other humans. Only in this way will you be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the content creators who represent your competition.

2) Create content that is useful to your readers

Remember these words and memorize them: you must provide valuable content to your readers! The most searched type of content on blogs is guides or advice blogs. This type of content is useful for visitors, helping them solve a specific problem or situation.

Millions of websites make the mistake of writing about anything, or what's even worse, using clickbait to accumulate a certain number of visits at the end of the month. And yes, this works, but only temporarily. The real success of a blog is achieved when users enter this site regularly to consume its content due to its usefulness.

In addition to getting much more interest from users for a longer time, this content variety also has the advantage of being usually "evergreen," which means that remains useful for much longer.

For example, suppose you write about political news. In that case, the interest in this content will disappear after a few days or hours. However, if you write an article with tips on how to fix a water leak in your home, it will undoubtedly last for many years.

The posts that respond directly to the doubts and concerns of your readers base, in a clear way, so that they can actually reach their goal faster will make your content very valuable and shared through the internet.

It is also vital that the content you create is complete. Nothing bothers users more than getting half solutions and then trying to sell you a product or service in order to get the rest of the information.

3) Take care of the visual aspect of your article.

The difference will always be in the small details, and in the chaos of epic content, the details are everything. While it is true that search engines give greater importance and relevance to long content, this does not mean that you should create long and tedious articles.

If you have paid attention to this article, you may have noticed that we have used a series of visual elements to facilitate your reading process. If you use them properly, no matter how long your article is, it will not be heavy for your users to read.

Here you have some extremely useful tips that will be useful to help your article's readability:

  • Avoid long paragraphs as much as possible: Paragraphs should never exceed five lines. In fact, it is recommended that they stay around the three lines.
  • Smart use of headings: Headings allow you to divide the text properly, plus they also help to organize the content properly.
  • Images: Images are extremely useful as references. Images will add a lot more value to your content, and will also make the reading process more attractive and exciting.
  • Tables: Depending on the design of the blog, there will be the possibility of adding an information box. This tool will allow you to show key points of the topic.
  • Lists: Lists allow you to break the text's monotony and explain key concepts in a more timely manner. Visually they are very attractive and are a potent tool in any article, as long as it is used properly.
  • Introduction and conclusion: In the case of the introduction, it will help you capture the attention of your readers quickly, in addition to helping you get into the subject quickly. This introduction should be compelling to the reader. The conclusion will help you summarize the essential points or learnings obtained in the text and allow you to add a final thought or even a call-to-action (for example, a question to the readers ).
  • Bold and italic: These text formats will help you both to emphasize a word or phrase that is important to highlight in the text or to identify a personal opinion.

As you can see, if you take these tips into account and make use of these visual elements, your readers are much more likely to stay interested in reading your articles for longer. Besides, you can have greater certainty that users will remember you in the future and share this content on their networks, helping you get more visits.

Just one epic article is not enough

In addition to these tips, you should also work on your writing style, research your niche's interests, keywords to use, and others. However, with these tips, you can do a great job of creating excellent quality articles for your web page.

Of course, remember that a single article is not enough to be relevant over time. You will actually need to write and create high-quality blog content regularly. Discipline is your best ally when catapulting your blog to the lands of success.

In any case, you should always consider the interests of your readers and their needs and provide them with high-value content from the first line. This way, they'll always come back to your blog for more servings of epic content burgers with fries on the side.