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You can read the guest posting guidelines of below. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you can improve your chances of getting your guest post accepted.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Thanks so much for your interest in pitching a guest post idea for my site. Please note that you are paying the pitch price (7 credits) to pitch your idea (proposed titles and keywords), NOT your full article.

I’ll respond within 48 hours. One of two things will happen:

  • I’ll accept one of your proposed titles and your keywords and ask you to go ahead and write the article.

  • I’ll provide feedback so you can refine your idea and re-submit it if you want to (no further charge).

If you can follow my pitching instructions it is highly likely that I will accept one of your titles PROVIDING you can also follow my guest posting guidelines when it comes time to write the article.

If by chance your pitch is accepted but your subsequent article is not, I will provide feedback about why I can’t yet publish it. This really should not happen if you follow my guidelines. If by chance it does, I will happily review it again (FREE OF CHARGE) once you have re-written it and made the required changes.

Pitching Guidelines

  • Pitch 2-4 title ideas and one or more specific keyword for each title. Please also share the site that you want me to link back to so that I can check it is suitable and relevant. I cannot link out to low quality, spammy sites.

  • Each idea must clearly fit into one of the 6 categories on my holistic health and fitness site. You can review these categories (and current posts within each category) from the dropdown menu on my blog. You can also use the search feature on my site to find out whether a similar article already exists on my site

  • Titles must be put through this headline analyzer (it’s free) and obtain a score of 70+ before you pitch them

  • Keywords MUST exceed 200 searches per month on Google and be rated as easy-moderate difficulty level. Where the difficulty rating is moderate, the search volume must exceed 1000 searches per month

  • If you’d like some ideas to get started, I’d love to have guest posters write articles on the following topics for my site in 2020: Peloton, Gut Health, Axe throwing, Intermittent Fasting, Plant based diet (write about it from a lifestyle perspective), cbd. (These are just ideas to get you started; there are many other topics that will also work).

Guest Posting Guidelines (make sure you’re happy with these before you pitch your ideas)

  • 100% original content only (not published elsewhere)

  • Tone should be positive, friendly and authentic. Your article can be scientific or written from more of a personal perspective

  • You must link out to 2-3 respected authority sites on your chosen topic or relevant scientific studies from within your article

  • Minimum 1200 words (please do not try to negotiate on this)

  • Do use headings and sub headings with a maximum of 300 words under each sub-heading. Please do not format the post in any other way. No double spaces after periods or between paragraphs

  • You MUST run your article through a tool such as Grammarly before submitting it (it’s free)

  • If English is not your native language you MUST ask a native English speaker to check that it makes sense before you send it to me. 

  • Please include your main keyword (as confirmed following acceptance of your pitch) a minimum of 7 times naturally throughout the article. It must also appear in the first heading and in the first paragraph of the copy. Any other agreed keywords should be included once each, naturally in the article.

  • When you submit your article you must ensure you have uploaded a globally recognized avatar (Gravatar) via the email you have provided me with. Please also share a 2-3 sentence bio and any photos you would like to include. In the absence of photos I will find suitable stock photos to include in the post

  • Please note that I will add my own internal links, CTA’s and affiliate links if they are relevant to the post and audience

What’s in it for you?

  • One dofollow link back to your homepage AND one dofollow link within the article to a relevant blog post on your site if desired

  • I will set the post up for regular sharing across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I’ll also share to flipboard and make 1-2 pins and will share to a number of relevant Pinterest boards. (Note that these social media platforms could change over time but this is how things currently stand for 2020)

  • I’ll work some SEO magic and work on getting your post to rank in the search engine (I have several posts on page one of Google)

  • Your post stays on my site for good, as long as my site still exists. And yep, that means your link(s) stay there for good, as long as they remain as working links. (So please do not ask me to remove your post if you change "direction" in the future. If you decide you don't want to be associated with the post one day then I can remove your bio and name from it if you prefer).

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