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You can read the guest posting guidelines of below. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you can improve your chances of getting your guest post accepted.

Guest Posting Guidelines


On my post is providing so many categories in which you can write unique content. Try to provide solution-oriented material that covers the topic in full.

Creativity is key! Creativity is the key to big audience attraction. Try to create content in a different aspect. If you are working on creativity, you can get an audience boost. You can do creativity in different methods like you can choose video animation and infographics and any other format that you can provide.

Also, try to keep distance from criticism and abusive content.


  • Your priority should be relevancy and the limit of content. Your content should be 800-1500 words. Less than 800+ word material is not allowed.
  • Two backlinks are permitted in the content of 1000 words. One link will do-follow, and 2nd will be no-follow.
  • Preference for the file type is DOC.
  • Size for the feature image is 750*500
  • Your content should be divided into sections for better readability.
  • Use headings and subheadings with h1 and h2.
  • Meta Description must be included in your file.
  • Your content Should be SEO friendly.
  • You can attach only relevant images and videos.
  • You can connect relevant infographics.

Keep in mind that you are providing the solution of an issue, so make sure your last point should have a conclusion that helps and interacts with readers.

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