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Guest Posting Guidelines

Ideal articles are between 500-1,500 well-written words. Submitting articles that are relevant to one of our topics on our website are likely to be of interest to our readers. A short bio about yourself or your company and the author’s name is required along with your article.

Our editors for the following reasons may reject submissions:
  • An article that comes across as spam (marketing pitches for single products, articles with lots of links in the text, or advertisements for local businesses).
  • Subject matter or format is not relevant for a health/alternative medicine/self-improvement website.
  • The article is too short, (under 400 words) is a repeat of an article we have previously published, is riddled with spelling/grammatical/formatting mistakes, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate.
  • The author field is not a full or legit first and last name
  • The biography is not complete
Terms and Conditions

By submitting your article:

  • You declare that you are the sole owner and author of the article and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to the article or have permission from the owner or author to submit the article to The Complete Herbal Guide Online, Inc. Also, you retain all rights and copyrights to your article. In addition, You may submit articles that have been published elsewhere.
  • You are giving permission to The Complete Herbal Guide Online, Inc. to publish your article on our website and any one of our blogs or in any of our email newsletters. Also, you are giving permission for The Complete Herbal Guide Online, Inc. to include your articles in our RSS Feeds. These permissions are provided to The Complete Herbal Guide Online, Inc…
  • In all of these cases, The Complete Herbal Guide Online, Inc. agrees to include your bio at the end of your article. No other use is implied or granted. The author reserves all other rights and copyrights.

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