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Guest Posting Guidelines

  • The article will be accepted on our site if your content is original which has not been published elsewhere.
  • If you have written some parts of your article from another author that has been posted to another site, please let us know or enter the source of the article.
  • In any case, we have employees who check the uniqueness of your articles.
  • Before publishing your guest posts, we will check if they meet the requirements and high-quality standards. We always want to share interesting and original texts.
  • If your article includes official sources such as studies, surveys, etc., it would be useful to include the referral link so that our readers know the official source.
  • The specification for all the words included in your article is between 800-1200.
  • Your guest posts should be relevant to the categories of our website. These categories are Health, Beauty, and Medical.
  • Pics dimensions (with no rights) 1200X628 or 1024X576.
  • We don’t publish poems, articles like porn or violence.
  • Texts submitted in PDF or HTML code are not accepted.
  • Google docs, text files, or direct text are accepted.

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